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oh well. I suppose this proves once and for all that ilovegravy and I are the ultimate super #1 Norm fans even though she never actually watched his show on ABC and I never watched his FOX show. but we BOTH saw his recent Comedy Central "special" that TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE HAD MORE THAN ONE EPISODE. yes. (even though I don't have cable now so it's not like I could watch it again. but that's not my point. my point is that Norm needs work. I would not want his supply of booze and hookers to run out.)

hmm... sooo... I always liked Billy Madison more than Happy Gilmore because Norm is in it. even though I never bought it but I did buy Happy Gilmore. I think Sam's Club had Happy Gilmore in some sort of video doublepack thingie and my friend wanted whatever the other one was so I took Happy Gilmore. that's also how I ended up with a video of National Lampoon's Vacation, but I'm pretty sure I never watched that one. I saw it a bunch of times on Comedy Central, though. I've been known to buy a movie and never see it until it comes on TV. fascinating, isn't i--zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
*falls out of chair*
oh, hi!!!!!!
um, so, what else... I think I bought several copies of Entertainment Weekly (or was it People) the time they had that Norm Show ad that was meant to be a mask of Norm's head that you were to cut out and paste on a popsicle stick. and I actually did cut one out and paste it on a popsicle stick and it worked well and I managed to convince a number of small children that I truly was Norm Macdonald but I don't have it anymore and I don't remember what happened to it, OR my extra copies of the ad. dammit.

I also used to have a transcription of Norm's One Night Stand special that my friend gave me a few years ago and I can't find it in Google now. I wonder where it came from. it didn't have a URL at the bottom or anything. I'd post it here and stuff if I still had it, but... yeah.

I'm working on some "fan art" to post here in a bit.
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